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Today, we’ll be talking about whether or not it’s okay to mix together two different hemp-infused e-juices. Can you mix CBD oil with e-liquid? The answer is no, you should not mix the two. This post will explain everything you need to know. Can You Mix CBD And Nicotine? One of the reasons vaping is so popular is the versatility that comes with it. Whether you’re using CBD or nicotine vape juices, you’ll find countless flavours,

Can You Mix CBD Vape Juices Together?

Many people like to try out a wide variety of CBD vape juices before settling on the one that’s most appealing to their palate. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a lot of hemp enthusiasts have at least a few different CBD e-juices in their collection. One question that CBD vapers continue to ask themselves is whether or not it’s okay to combine two different CBD e-liquids. After all, each CBD vape juice has its own unique strength, flavor, type of concentrate and strain. So, could combining two ones together have negative effects, or even positive ones?

Today, we’ll be talking about whether or not it’s okay to mix together two different hemp-infused e-juices. We’ll also be giving you some helpful tips along the way.

Why a Person Would Want to Mix Together CBD Vape Juices

Before we get into whether or not it’s okay to combine together two different hemp-infused vape juices, let’s first discuss the reasons why a person may wish to do this.

They’re Running Low

A common reason for wanting to combine two different vape juices is because a person is running low on one. In other words, maybe there’s just a tiny bit left in one of their bottles, and it’s not enough to fill a full tank. So, they want to add it to the tank along with another e-liquid. This can help a person enjoy every last drop of each bottle.

They Want to Combine Flavors

Another reason is because a person wants to combine flavors. Many CBD vape juices are available in different flavors, and sometimes, a person may wish to try out a new flavor profile just for the fun of it. For instance, maybe they have a vanilla-flavored e-liquid, and a strawberry-flavored e-liquid. By combining them, they will end up with a new and unique flavor that can be very satisfying to their palate.

They Want to Experiment with a New Strength

As you know, CBD vape juices come in different strengths. Let’s say that a person has an e-liquid that provides 1mg of CBD per puff, and another e-liquid that provides 5mg per puff. Maybe the 1mg is not enough, and the 5mg is too much. So, combining the 1mg with the 5mg will allow them to enjoy an amount that’s just right.

They Want to Try Two Different Types of Extracts at Once

If a person has a full-spectrum CBD vape juice and a CBD isolate vape juice, they may want to experiment by trying a little bit of each while they vape. So, they may combine them to see how this unique blend affects them.
They Want to Explore a Combination of Different Strains

Another thing to keep in mind is that CBD vape juices come in a variety of strains. This means that a person may wish to create a hybrid of two different strains by combining two different CBD vape juices.

Can You Mix Together Two CBD Vape Juices?

In short, yes. Mixing together two different CBD vape juices will not create a disastrous result that is impossible to be vaped. It won’t make your device explode, and it won’t make you sick. However, know that because e-liquids have so many varying factors, combining two can give you a result that may not be what you wanted.

Things to Keep in Mind When Combining CBD E-Liquids

When combining two different CBD e-liquids, these are the things that you need to bear in mind.

The Strength

One thing is the strength. If you’re purposely vaping at a very specific strength, you will want to only mix together CBD vape juices that have the same number of milligrams of CBD. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a different strength entirely.

The Quality

We don’t recommend combining a low-quality CBD vape juice with a high-quality one in order to avoid feeling like you wasted money on the one of inferior quality. This will just end up giving you an unsatisfying vaping experience.

The Flavor

Bear in mind the flavors that you’re mixing, as some flavors go better together than others. For instance, mint flavors almost always pair nicely with fruit flavors. But, combining a chocolate flavor with a sour candy flavor, for example, may be unpleasant to the taste buds.

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The Type of CBD Extract

Remember too that there are three different kinds of CBD extracts: CBD isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum. Many vapers strongly prefer one over the other two, and so they only purchase CBD e-liquids that have the type of extract that they like. Mixing together two different kinds of CBD extracts won’t give you bad results, per se, but it may provide an experience that’s different from what you’re used to.

The Strain

Lastly, bear in mind that mixing together two different CBD vape juices can give you different effects because of the strains that you’re combining. As you know, different strains can affect you in different ways.

Combining Two Different CBD vape juices is Absolutely Fine…

In the sense that you won’t end up with a product that’s unable to be used or enjoyed. However, going about it in the right way is crucial. Use this guide to consider all of the factors that go into mixing together two different hemp-infused e-liquids. This way, you’ll end up with the best results possible, and have a satisfying vaping experience.

Can you mix CBD oil with e-liquid?

CBD comes in various forms, including tinctures, edibles, lotions, oils, and vapes. Users are truly spoilt for choice. The popularity of CBD is growingly rapidly, and so it is inevitable that people are experimenting and trying it out in all sorts of mixtures and combinations. While you can use CBD oil in many different ways, you shouldn’t just mix it with everything and anything. Some combinations are a bad idea, and mixing CBD oil with e-liquid is one of them. So if you’re here for an answer to the question, “can you mix CBD oil and e-liquid?”, there you have it. The answer, quite simply, is no.

However, you may be wondering why you can’t mix the two. You may have come across advice out there saying that mixing CBD oil and e-liquid is a good idea. You may have even seen recommended dosages and recipes for doing this. But before you take them seriously, there are several reasons why mixing CBD oil and e-liquid is a bad idea. This post will explain all you need to know.

Reasons to avoid mixing CBD oil with e-liquid

The fact is that the ingredients of CBD oil and e-liquid are very different from each other. That should be reason enough not to mix them without investigating further. Here are just a few of the reasons you should not mix the two:

  1. CBD oil and e-liquid simply do not mix together very well. The oil does not dissolve easily in vegetable glycerine.
  2. Vape pens and pods are designed for vaping e-liquid, not oil. They will burn the oil instead of vaporizing it, and you cannot imagine how terrible it tastes.
  3. Burnt oil will clog your atomizer and damage the coils.
  4. You can’t breathe in heated oil. Doing so could even potentially involve health risks.

Hopefully, this list gives you a clear explanation for why you shouldn’t mix CBD oil with e-liquids. However, when it comes to taking CBD, it’s always helpful to know as much about the process as possible. That way, you can make an informed decision, and use CBD with confidence that you are doing so safely. So, let’s look more closely at the various reasons, so that you have all the information you need.

Vaping oil is not healthy for you

When you mix CBD oil and e-liquid in your vaping tank, the oil does not easily mix with the liquid. As a result, the vapour that you produce from your vaping device may include oil residues. When inhaled into the lungs, these residues pose a danger because oil has no business in the lungs. Oil needs stomach juices for proper and complete digestion. When the oil is heated, it becomes a different compound, and inhaling it may not be safe. Experts think it may even cause lipid pneumonia, among other lung problems.

Studies into the effect of vaping oil are still in the early stages, and so we cannot say definitively whether it’s safe or not. But what is known conclusively is that natural oils, including cooking and essential oils, create fumes that cause respiratory problems if inhaled. CBD oil uses natural oils as carrier oils. Thus, it is not advisable to vape CBD oil for any reason.

Vaping equipment is not meant for oil

A vape pen or pod works with e-liquid to produce vapor. But when you introduce oil into the mix, it can cause major issues. This is because the oil is heavier than the e-liquid. As a result, most of it does not vaporize. Instead, it burns. The burnt oil builds up on your coil, and eventually you will end up with burnt-tasting vapor and a clogged or damaged vape pod. Burnt-tasting vapor is nasty, and you will end up having to clean your entire setup to get rid of it. This can be time-consuming. If you are not so lucky, the oil not only clogs your coils but can end up destroying them. This means you have to either clean them thoroughly or buy a new set.

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Oil is not the only culprit that causes burnt-tasting vapor. Poorly maintained vapes and dirty kits also result in a burnt taste. Amateur mistakes like chain vaping and using a very high wattage may also cause a burnt taste.

Buy CBD vape juice instead

Instead of risking trying out vaping with oil, why not purchase our fruity e-liquid 1000mg-50ml vape juice? For all the fans of fruity flavours, here you can find fresh grapefruit and citrus flavours that are delicious and mouth-watering. It contains high-quality CBD isolates that contain 60% VG to 40% PG. The fruity e-liquid 1000mg-50ml is suitable for sub-ohm vaping and also low-power vaping kits. However, if fruity flavours aren’t you favourite, fear not – there are plenty more options to choose from!

We ensure the purity of the isolate we use in all our products as we use the CO2 method of processing. This method yields the purest form, completely free of solvents. We only deal with organic non-GMO products. We are so sure of their quality that our products are third-party tested to give you even more assurance.

Extraction of CBD

CBD comes from the cannabis plant, which has several strains. We concentrate on the legally-accepted hemp form. For any plant to qualify as hemp under the law, it must have less that 0.3% THC. THC is another cannabinoid found in hemp, and is responsible for the psychoactive effect associated with the plant.

The extraction process starts with harvesting the crude oil from the plant matter with carbon dioxide, ethanol, or oil solvents. The process varies depending on the solvent being used. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Carbon dioxide

This is arguably the purest solvent. The reason for this is that no chemical residue remains after the extraction of cannabinoids. The process takes place under extremely low or extremely high temperatures and requires special equipment.


This is slowly becoming the most effective natural extraction method. Hemp is soaked in high-grain alcohol to extract the cannabinoids. After the process, you remove the ethanol by heating. Using hexane and butane as a solvent is another option.

Oil solvent

An oil such as olive oil is a cheap alternative. To extract the cannabinoids, you heat hemp in the oil. This traditional method is common for most amateurs and DIY-ers. However, buying high-quality CBD products that use a more advanced extraction method (such as CO2 extraction) is generally preferable.

Processing CBD

The cannabinoids extracted after this first process have to undergo further processing to isolate the individual cannabinoids. This involves two more steps: winterization and short-path distillation. Let’s learn a little bit more about each of these steps.


This is only necessary if the extraction took place at very high temperatures and under pressure. These conditions pull everything from the plant, including undesirable matter like lipids, fats, and waxes. In this process, 200 proof alcohol is mixed with the crude extract. To do this, you have to stir vigorously and then freeze overnight, after which filtration takes place. Since alcohol has a lower boiling point than the extract, heating the mixture evaporates the alcohol. You can then condense it for use in the next batch.

Short-path distillation

Individual cannabinoids have different boiling points. Hence, they evaporate at different intervals, after which they condense in separate containers. Using this method, you can achieve the purest CBD isolate. However, this process requires special equipment.

The purest form of CBD is CBD isolate, and you can achieve it with carbon dioxide extraction. We also have broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids that were in the plant. The levels of CBD and THC depend on the potency of the plant. Broad-spectrum means full-spectrum minus the THC. Be cautious when purchasing full-spectrum CBD products to make sure they contain less than 0.3% THC – the safest approach is to choose a reputable supplier.

A question of taste

CBD isolate is tasteless. When combined with vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, it tastes a bit like glycerine. Only a bit, however, because the glycerine also balances the glycol, which is very bitter. This is why flavouring is a popular choice.

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Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD have an earthy, grassy taste because of the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes. If you don’t like the taste, you can choose your favourite from the endless list of flavours. Alternatively, you can buy one of the many flavoured products we offer at Supreme CBD.

Can you mix CBD oil with e-liquid? A summary

CBD oil and e-liquid are two very different products that should not be mixed. When you want to vape CBD, please use CBD e-liquid to be on the safe side. But when buying CBD e-liquid, make sure you are investing in the highest quality available. If a product is designed for vaping, it should say so clearly on the packaging. And if the manufacturer is reputable, you will be able to see the results of third-party lab testing clearly displayed on their website. This should give you confidence that you are getting exactly what you expect when you make a purchase.

Can You Mix CBD And Nicotine?

One of the reasons vaping is so popular is the versatility that comes with it. Whether you’re using CBD or nicotine vape juices, you’ll find countless flavours, concentration and vape device setups that can help you settle on your perfect match. But when it comes to mixing CBD and nicotine e-liquids, you’ll find many different arguments.

CBD and nicotine e-liquids cater to different tastes and needs. Many nicotine-based vapers and those who use heated tobacco products such as IQOS Heets are ex-smokers, whilst cannabidiol vape liquids are most often used by those searching for a solution to a physical or mental health problem. There is of course a Venn diagram overlap of these two customer types and mixing cannabidiol and nicotine vape liquids could be a solution for some. Below are some of the ways that it could work, and some kinks that might need to be ironed out before you start concocting your own CBD-nicotine vape liquids.

Who Is Nicotine E-Liquid Designed For?

Nicotine E-liquids like Nasty vape juice are designed for use by ex-smokers who want a safer alternative to tobacco. Heat not burn products like e-liquid decrease the number of toxins and carcinogens you inhale when getting your nicotine fix, and are made with far fewer ingredients than tobacco.

Who Is CBD E-Liquid Designed For?

CBD or cannabidiol is concentrated into a vape liquid solution for a wide variety of reasons, both medical and recreational. Cannabidiol e-liquids can help manage the symptoms of serious illnesses such as cancer and arthritis, and can also help people sleep and relax.

Don’t Vape Nicotine E-Liquid If You Don’t Already

Nicotine e-liquids like Vype pods are designed as smoking cessation tools. If you are a CBD e-liquid user who wants to try nicotine vape liquids, you could risk getting addicted to nicotine yourself.

Flavour Note Compatibility

If you are a nicotine and CBD e-liquid user and want to try mixing the two, consider the flavour notes of both your e-liquids. High concentrate CBD e-liquids can taste a little like hemp, so make sure that if you’re mixing it into a flavoured vape liquid, that the taste is one you’ll enjoy.

CBD Oil And CBD Vape Liquid Are Not The Same Things

CBD oil tinctures and vape liquids may look similar and indeed, may have a similar consistency, but both should never be mistaken for one another. Ingesting vape liquid via oral tincture can be poisonous, whilst CBD tinctures will not evaporate as vape liquids do.

Nicotine Shots In CBD Liquids

Using a CBD vape liquid, decanter the liquid into a short fill bottle and add nicotine shots. After stirring, you might need to wait a few minutes for the liquid to blend together, but you’ll end up with a low nicotine vape solution that has high CBD concentrates.

CBD Shots in Nicotine E-Liquid

CBD shots for vape liquid are readily available at many vape shops and online retailers. You can add these to your pre-filled e-liquids using a short fill bottle. Be advised that this will dilute the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid, so if you vape at high nicotine concentrations, you could be looking at one concentrate lower once the CBD vape oil has been added. Manufacturers advise that you only add one shot of CBD oil to your e-liquid.

The jury’s still out, and whilst you can find both nicotine and CBD e-liquids in London vape shops, it’s up to you whether it’s right to mix the two together.

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