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CBD is often touted for its relaxing benefits, but it can also be used to boost energy when combined with other key ingredients. Learn how and why to take CBD for energy, and how it serves as a natural way to increase energy and motivation. cbd for energy: everything you want to know all in one place can cbd increase energy levels? this is a really good question in my opinion, especially considering the claims regarding how cbd can We offer high-quality CBD for Energy at the right price. It’s all the wellness qualities of CBD and CBG without THC in minty fresh Cannovia CBD for Energy Oil Drops.

Can You Take CBD for an Energy Boost? (Spoiler Alert: Totally.)

Any coffee lovers in the house? If you start every day with at least one cup you’re like 64% of Americans . But admit it: Sometimes you’re still running low on energy in the afternoons.

When you work hard, play hard, parent hard, and celebrate hard, it comes at the expense of your energy levels. We’ve all been there — when it feels like no matter how much coffee you drink, you’re still struggling to get through the day.

So, what if there was another way to increase energy and motivation? There is, but those CBD gummies you bought for pain or sleep, for example, are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re feeling exhausted.

But CBD energy itself should be!

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are trending due to their ability to help treat a range of issues, such as anxiety and pain. However, as researchers discover more of the benefits of CBD and how the endocannabinoid system works, some believe that it may also offer a boost in energy and be useful as a safe, natural stimulant.

You’ve likely heard a lot about how CBD promotes relaxation and can help you sleep soundly but less about taking CBD for energy. However, CBD’s link to increased energy and better focus is a benefit that’s too good to ignore. Several studies have found that it may be the natural boost you’ve been looking for — here we’ll break them down for you.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Ask your doctor before starting new medications or treatments.

CBD energy boosts your brain in natural ways

Unlike coffee, CBD doesn’t make you feel energized by pumping you full of caffeine (potentially with the jitters as side effects). Instead, a dose of CBD is thought to support the areas of your brain that are responsible for keeping you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when you need it without caffeine’s side effects.

In a study published in the Behavioral Neuroscience journal, researchers administered CBD to certain areas of the brain. They found that it activated receptors in the areas responsible for waking us up . Another study tested the same theory on rats with similar results; CBD activated neurons in the areas of the brain responsible for alertness .

And in a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, researchers tested how both THC and CBD affected nocturnal sleep as well as early-morning performance. They found that at certain doses, CBD counteracted the sedative-like effects of THC during sleep, making the participants more alert during the night.

But isn’t CBD also touted as a sleep aid? It can be confusing to consider putting CBD in something like coffee or energy drinks, or even to think about using it for energy at all.

It works because CBD and other cannabinoids help the ECS (endocannabinoid system) achieve homeostasis, an overall balance, in the body. This goes for the nervous system and all of the major bodily systems.

Dr. Bonni Goldstein, medical director for Canna-Centers, explains further, telling Marie Claire that CBD in low doses can act as a stimulant while CBD in high doses can act as a sedative. Some people have even started experimenting with CBD-infused coffee, finding that it gives them more energy without the jitters and anxiousness.

According to Jane West, also interviewed for the Marie Claire piece, who says her team is “drawing on a wealth of anecdotal evidence,” CBD in your java can really take the edge off. “My colleagues, friends, and I have found that CBD-infused coffee largely does away with the anxiety and acid belly typically associated with coffee,” she says.

“That makes sense, because research suggests CBD has anti-anxiety and [anti-nausea] effects. We’ve also found that compared to the coffee we reach for regularly, testers experience a less jittery, elevated burst of energy after drinking CBD-infused coffee.”

And we’ve all had the experience of trying an especially uplifting cannabis strain. Much of this kind of mood-enhancing effect comes from terpenes, which are also present in hemp plants. High-quality, pesticide-free CBD products from hemp extract can offer the same natural boost.

Does CBD give you energy or make you tired?

Great question, actually.

The evidence on CBD for focus is really still developing, but here’s what we know so far. Although CBD does not typically promote feeling wide awake, it does improve other issues that can, left untreated, sap your energy and make you tired. In this way, CBD can genuinely help you focus and feel better-rested—if only indirectly.

CBD is a great solution for symptoms of stress and anxiety that keep you feeling tired. For example, anxiety disorders can cause difficulty concentrating and produce feelings of fatigue. And CBD may also help relieve social anxiety and PTSD symptoms, both of which can cause anyone to feel tired and lose focus.

CBD is well-known for its ability to help treat sleep issues for many people. But how does that help you if you’re already losing focus and feeling tired? Well, if you never get enough sleep to start with, you’re doomed to feel fatigued and struggle with focus. If CBD helps you get enough rest and regulate your sleep cycle, that problem is solved.

Similarly, CBD oil can help treat pain, including the kinds of chronic pain and inflammation that can cause so much fatigue and challenge your ability to focus. By helping to reduce pain, CBD may help you increase your energy levels and focus.

Another thing to consider regarding cannabidiol and focus is extra ingredients. Most products use some sort of carrier oils such as hempseed oil, MCT oil, cranberry oil, grapeseed oil, or EVOO. They may also use flavorings and terpenes, or even herbal supplements to boost energy and fight fatigue.

Finally, don’t forget other ways to boost energy, focus, and wellness naturally, including getting plenty of exercise, supplementing vitamin B12, avoiding stress, and eating well. And if concentration and fatigue are a constant battle for you, talk to a healthcare provider. CBD is amazing for your over well-being, but it’s not a cure-all.

How CBD gives your body more energy

CBD energy doesn’t come in an instant burst like what you get from a Red Bull energy drink or cup of coffee, but the effects it has on your body create an all-natural, sustained boost of energy that lasts longer and is healthier for you.

CBD and the endocannabinoid system (ECS): Full spectrum CBD products work on humans because they’re loaded with cannabinoids. Cannabinoids interact with the ECS to control appetite, mood, memory, and sleep. When these are all functioning at their top level, your baseline wellness level will be higher and allow you to put more energy into things that matter, not the things that aren’t working.

(If the full spectrum moniker is worrying you, don’t let it. Cannabis products naturally contain some level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but legal CBD products must be harvested from the right kind of hemp plants and contain less than 0.3% THC to comply with guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And if even that seems like too much, you can still use broad-spectrum CBD products that have lots of cannabinoids like CBG and CBN but are still THC-free.)

Improves focus: Many people report burnout from workouts and everyday stress as things that get in the way of their productivity and focus. CBD is a natural calmer that resets your body and mind, so everyday stress and workplace anxiety melt away. This allows your mind to focus on the task at hand, not the stress, which is an energy zapper.

Melts away pain: Some users of CBD tinctures, edibles, CBD capsules, and topical CBD products have great success with minor aches and pains. The exhaustion of dealing with chronic pain saps your energy, so CBD can help in this way, too!

CBD works double duty to make you more productive

Being the overachiever that it is, CBD doesn’t just support wakefulness. It can also increase motivation by quieting the chaotic, unproductive thoughts flying around in your head, putting you in a state of calm, and giving you more mental clarity.

The result? You’re more equipped to concentrate on your to-do list and less likely to distract yourself with funny memes on your Instagram feed.

Picking the right CBD products for energy

Want to try taking the best CBD for energy? You can actually maximize the effects of CBD with other ingredients. FOCL stacks its FOCL Day supplement with other helpful adaptogens to help you feel energized and focused throughout your day.

It contains Rhodiola Rosea, a flower linked to improved brain function and decreased stress , and Lion’s Mane, the king of mushrooms, which is thought to benefit cognitive health . Plus, green tea (L-theanine), Vitamin B6, and a plant called Bacopa Monnieri that is known to support concentration. All of these ingredients help protect you against that 2 PM crash .

So are there CBD gummies for energy? Yes! FOCL Premium CBD Gummies will help you chill out and stay focused. If you’re not constantly on edge with anxiety, you’re better able to take on each task one by one, and these CBD gummies are specially formulated to help you do it . With a perfectly sized 25mg amount of CBD, you’ll stay calm and focused for hours.

Which strain of CBD is best for energy?

Just like with regular cannabis, when it comes to strains and CBD, there is plenty of misinformation out there. When it comes to CBD and energy levels, it’s far more about the whole CBD product. What is the entire breakdown of cannabinoids and terpenes? What other herbal ingredients are in there?

That said, there are certain strains that many users like more than others for an energy boost. Lifter is a favorite, as are Harlequin and Hawaiian Haze. These are both high CBD hemp strains that can keep you feeling awake and refreshed. Or just look for one of your favorite uplifting cannabis strains in a high-CBD version.

How to start using CBD for energy

Ready to optimize your daily energy levels with CBD? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Find the right low-dose CBD product. Get what’s right for you – like a CBD oil tincture or CBD capsule .
  2. Incorporate CBD into your morning routine. Take CBD with your coffee, morning glass of water, or in your smoothie. Or, keep it in your car, purse, or even on your desk for easy access throughout the day.

With its growing popularity, there’s no doubt that scientists will continue to study how CBD and the rest of the cannabis plant can help us all become better humans and live happier healthier lives. In the meantime, try using CBD during the day to help naturally stimulate your brain and give you the tools you need to be more productive and present.

Ready to start generating some all-natural CBD energy? Check out FOCL here.

Catherine Conelly is a former beauty and health editor turned freelance writer and content marketer. She’s written for Shape, Thrillist, PopSugar and StyleCaster. Her work has also appeared on Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Glassdoor Blog and Adidas Game Plan A.

cbd for energy: everything you want to know all in one place

can cbd increase energy levels? this is a really good question in my opinion, especially considering the claims regarding how cbd can also help sleep (and seemingly everything else under the sun). but heck, if cbd oil can give me a more sustained level of focus and energy throughout the day, i want to know about it. you probably do too if you’re reading this, so let’s get on with the findings.

cbd oil can help bring about increased energy levels due to its ability to enhance protein synthesis and expression within areas of the brain associated with wakefulness. it also works to regulate the endocannabinoid system, which can modulate your body’s sleep-wake cycle to create lasting energy.

plenty of other factors also affect cbd and energy levels, including dosage size, the type of cbd you choose, how often you take it, and how you react on an individual level. lifestyle habits and other existing conditions are also important.

does cbd oil give you more energy?

a study was conducted in 2014 that supported the hypothesis that cannabidiol (cbd) worked as a wake-promoting agent . their findings showed that administration of cbd increased dopamine levels in the brain’s hypothalamus. dopamine is a neurotransmitter that promotes wakefulness and is involved in other processes such as learning and motivation, heart rate, and mood. it is known as the “feel-good neurotransmitter,” as dopamine levels rise when we are expecting or experiencing some form of perceived reward.

if you have naturally low energy levels, cbd could work to combat that for a variety of reasons due to the way it works on the human body. cbd interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ecs), a primitive system inside every single one of us that is believed to be responsible for homeostasis, or a relatively stable equilibrium within our environment. this means it can effect changes within your body chemistry in a bidirectional manner, explaining its potential to both increase your energy level if it is low and exhibit a calming effect should your energy be too high.

our ecs has receptors all throughout our bodies. these two types of receptors (cb1 and cb2) are found within different areas of both our brains and bodies and both have different functions. when you take cbd, it can stimulate these receptors as your body sees fit based on your current state of being (mental, emotional, physical). in other words, your body knows where to use cbd just how it can distinguish between using ibuprofen for inflammation versus a headache.

when our ecs’ receptors are stimulated, we synthesize more of our own naturally occurring cannabinoids, known as anandamide and 2-ag to work their magic. anandamide is known as the bliss molecule and plays a role in motivation, appetite, and sleep. less is known about 2-ag because it is rapidly absorbed by the body , but it exists in higher levels in our bodies than anandamide and binds readily to both cb1 and cb2 receptors, whereas anandamide only attaches to cb1 receptors.

because the ecs works on a whole-body scale, it is entirely possible that it could also regulate a process where low energy was a side effect. however, cbd oil can still increase energy levels regardless of the condition if it is consumed at the right dosage size: low doses of cbd (15 mg) were shown to “have alerting properties in healthy volunteers” and increase wakefulness in one brazilian study . cbd won’t replace a cup of coffee, but it can absolutely bring the potential for increased and sustained energy nonetheless.

why does cbd keep you awake?

cbd technically does not make you sleepy on its own, though many people do take cbd oil to help with sleep regulation. when consumed over the long term, cbd’s aligning properties can bring about a sense of calmness and relaxation that could promote sleep, even if small doses of cbd can have an energizing effect in the short term. therefore, you have several options to determine why cbd may be keeping you awake if you are taking it with the intention of sleeping.

  • dosage size: it is possible you need a larger dose to achieve your desired effect
  • time of day: if cbd has an energizing effect on your body, you may want to look into taking it earlier before bed. if you still have no luck, you could even experiment with taking it earlier in the day in order to take advantage of the energizing effect. doing so will still enable you to capitalize on cbd’s long-term benefits, as cbd can help you sleep even if you take it during the day .
  • a combination of the two: you may also find that taking a few smaller-sized doses of cbd throughout the day helps to regulate your energy levels as you go about your life. this could also help put you in a better place to sleep when it comes time to do so, as opposed to finding yourself battling a racing brain once your head hits the pillow.

there is also more science behind wakefulness and cbd. studies have hypothesized that cbd influences an awakened state by activating neurons such as dopamine within areas of the brain like the hypothalamus and the dorsal raphe nucleus (drd), which is found midway through the brainstem. dopamine is one of four primary neurotransmitters that regulate our energy (and also our mood) along with serotonin, gaba, and norepinephrine.

when the last of the four, norepinephrine, is released in the body it is known as noradrenaline. this is similar to adrenaline, which you may be most familiar with except that norepinephrine and noradrenaline are constantly released at low levels to promote normal functioning, whereas the isolated release of epinephrine/adrenaline give you that “rush” during times of stress. this may also contribute to why cbd may keep you awake.

adrenaline is only one hormone that is released when you are stressed, and it brings about increased heart rate and blood pressure in addition to an energy boost. cortisol is also released when you experience stress, and it is known as the stress hormone . it is secreted to elicit your fight-or-flight response, which is great if you run into a bear while hiking, or even if you have a deadline to meet at work. but what if your cortisol levels are always high?

as it turns out, sustained high cortisol levels can be incredibly detrimental to the human condition. one such byproduct of cortisol is increased glucose (blood sugar) levels, which can put the body in an insulin-resistant state and even result in diabetes . weight gain and obesity, lowered immunity, cardiovascular disease, digestive issues, and even fertility problems are some of the most prominent adverse effects from consistently having too much cortisol in your blood.

lastly, consistent stress and high cortisol levels may be linked to insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as possible thyroid issues, dementia, and depression. if you are experiencing fatigue from stress, regular cbd usage could help to lower those levels in the long run, which could alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue and work towards restoring energy levels.

how does cbd affect energy?

it is a misconception that cbd is a sedative. that idea likely came to be due to the fact that cbd comes from the cannabis plant, just like another well-known cannabinoid called thc. thc is responsible for the psychoactive effects that give people a “high” when consumed in “marijuana” (which is nothing more than a garbage legal term for cannabis containing more than 0.3% thc, but i digress), and it is very effective at inducing sleep.

on the other hand, cannabis that has less than 0.3% thc is referred to as “ hemp ,” and it is often grown to produce higher levels of both cbd and all of the other accompanying accessory cannabinoids. when extracted into a cbd product, the end result can either be 100% cbd (isolate), or it can retain all of the characteristics from the entire plant’s makeup. this type of product is known as full spectrum, and it can be even further refined by fully removing the existing traces of thc to result in what we call a broad spectrum extract.

both full and broad spectrum extracts can tap into the overall benefits of cannabis more thoroughly than an isolate through a process referred to as the entourage effect. furthermore, thc is not needed to produce the entourage effect, making broad spectrum drops the optimal choice if you have access to them. tapping fully into the entourage effect could also have an impact on maximizing cbd’s effectiveness towards raising your energy levels.

addressing the issue of cbd and energy beyond these factors may require a self-assessment (or a professional one) into the cause of your low energy. something as simple as a change in lifestyle or environment due to a new job could be the cause, but conditions such as anemia, heart disease, sleep apnea, a thyroid disorder, or testosterone imbalance could also cause low energy. anxiety, insomnia, and/or depression could be other key contributors, and cbd may have varied efficacy towards reducing or alleviating symptoms of some or all of these problems.

however, issues like a lack of exercise or poor nutrition are also major causes of low energy, especially if you work at a desk all day. elements such as these are within your control, and it is absolutely worth it, both for your physical and mental health to see if improved eating and activity habits can help increase your energy. and unless you’re perfect (which none of us are), it is likely that lower energy levels have a number of contributing facets, which means that making as many overall healthy lifestyle changes as possible will give you the best chances of improvement in the end.

while that may sound like a copout, everything within our bodies is interconnected, especially with regards to our ecs. the truth is, cbd is not a cure-all for every ailment on planet earth, despite its potential to help increase our quality of life in a lot of ways. there’s also a lot we can do to increase our energy levels and our overall health, and those things could further help increase cbd’s efficacy with regards to improved energy as well.

  • hydration : it’s fairly safe to say just about nobody is properly hydrated. (if you are the exception, good for you!) hydration literally provides oxygen to our cells, and it also has one of the largest influences on our energy level. hydration levels also affect brain function and can help maximize physical performance, meaning that proper hydration can enable you to more fully exert yourself both mentally and physically.
  • activity: the easiest way to do this during the day is to go for a quick walk. even a 20-minute walk can restore energy levels, especially if you can do so in the sun since vitamin d boosts energy from a cellular level as well. you could also incorporate some type of workout regimen, or other activity to get your body moving. for most people, this is most beneficial earlier in the day, though you should pay attention to how your body responds after working out and utilize the positive effects accordingly.
  • give it a rest: it’s impossible to perpetually exert any muscle without giving it a break. taking breaks is one of the best ways to create more energy for when you want to use it. set aside time to take healthy breaks where you can recharge by going for a hike, reading a book, taking a bath, or socializing in some manner (from a safe distance, of course). whatever helps you press that “reset” button, make sure to create time to give it some love, as it can help you come back to life’s demands with a fresh and focused mindset, rather than a drained one.
  • sleep : poor sleep is directly tied to low energy levels. luckily, cbd’s effects on sleep are vast: it can improve symptoms of insomnia, increase overall quality of sleep, and reduce the effects associated with lack of sleep, among others. this improved sleep can help improve our waking energy, and can further help promote a balanced sleep-wake cycle in order to bring about sustained, long-term benefits.

how can you best take cbd for energy?

hopefully by now you realize the potential for cbd to be taken to help increase energy. if you are looking to incorporate cbd into your regimen, the next question would be how to get the most out of your cbd . cbd is not regulated by the fda, which means you need to be in the know as much as possible when it comes to the different types of products that are available.

in order to make sure you’re safe, only buy organic cbd products made from american-grown hemp. the company you are buying from should also be able to provide an independently tested third-party assessment to prove both the purity and potency of a given product. taking these steps will ensure you are purchasing a legal product, as american-grown hemp is legal in all 50 states.

even once you’ve got all that figured out, there will still likely be lots of options fitting your criteria. sublingual cbd drops are the easiest and fastest way for your body to absorb cbd oil , and will be more effective than capsules and edibles, which are taken orally and must pass through the digestive tract before they become fully absorbed.

finally, taking cbd every day, and doing so at the same time(s) is also crucial to maximizing cbd’s benefits . by taking cbd every day, you can work to promote a regulated ecs, which can lead to an overall healthier and more energetic version of yourself. if you have any other questions or comments regarding cbd for energy, or any other ways in which it may be of benefit to your life, please reach out. we would love to hear from you.

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All-natural, non-intoxicating CBD products for energy and focus.

Our products at Cannovia are carefully crafted to offer you an uplifting experience and ensure you get optimal results for improving your overall wellness. What’s on the label is what’s in the bottle! Looking for the best CBD oil to boost energy and focus? There are a few things you need to look at first.

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WAKE UP CBG and CBD Oil Drops

Understanding CBD’s Effect on Energy

CBD is an exceptionally versatile, plant-derived chemical compound. People choose to consume the cannabinoid for so many different reasons, each one unique to the person themselves.

While many benefits come from consuming cannabidiol, using a CBD tincture to support energy levels has started gaining traction, and more and more people are curious about how (and if) this works.

CBD is not the only cannabinoid worth mentioning; high concentrations of CBG are also part of the unique WAKE UP formulation.

Short for cannabigerol, CBG is another cannabinoid found in hemp that may be a somewhat new idea to the world of cannabinoid benefits. Still, it is definitely one that’s worth discussing.

Today, we’re covering the ins and outs of using CBD oils mixed with other cannabinoids for energy and focus, how it works, and even some of the common misconceptions. We’ll also talk about the best CBD products for natural energy boosts. Let’s get started!


To help you better understand the concept of using CBD for energy levels, it’s essential to understand what CBD is and how it differs from other chemical compounds like THC.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, an abundant cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. This cannabinoid demonstrates strong health and wellness properties, helping everyday people feel relief through plant-based substances.

Even though the cannabinoid comes from hemp plants, that doesn’t mean it has any intoxicating effects.

In fact, this is one of the most common misconceptions about CBD.

Unlike THC — a psychoactive compound found in cannabis known to produce a high — CBD is non-intoxicating and has health and wellness benefits due to its interaction with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Furthermore, CBD does not directly bind to the receptor but instead activates the ECS by influencing the ability of these receptors to interact with endocannabinoids that impact the nervous system.

Simply put, it cannot get you high. It does not have the chemical ability to. Instead, it is valued for its healthful characteristics as CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Because of this, the hemp-derived CBD from the cannabis Sativa plant was legalized in the US through the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.

How Cannabinoids Help with Energy

What’s the relationship between different cannabinoids and their ability to help you feel more energetic and tackle the day with a clear mind?

With the introduction of WAKE UP, you can naturally support your body’s work to maintain a sense of energy and productivity.

And it’s a product that works with your unique needs.

You can choose when you want to take it, whether in the morning, noon or night, and promote a sustained energy release that can help get you through those mini slumps.

Many suffer from tiredness or lack of productivity due to lack of sleep and other life stressors but want to limit caffeine and energy drink consumption.

A natural alternative that supports wakefulness and can assist with mid-day motivation and productivity solves this problem.

Because WAKE UP’s holistic properties give your body’s endocannabinoid system the support it needs, you can look forward to sustained performance without the need for stimulants.

What does the Research Say About CBD and Energy?

There are many factors that impact your ability to concentrate.

If you are struggling with a lack of sleep, are under a lot of stress, or aren’t eating well, you are much less likely to be able to concentrate.

Currently, some clinical data suggests CBD oil may be able to improve energy and focus, but more research and peer-reviewed studies are needed.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

Products made from hemp extract indirectly affect your ability to concentrate as they support your endocannabinoid system in modulating your response to stress, pain sensations, and sleep.

This means that CBD oil can help balance your response to daily stressors and help you feel calmer when overwhelmed.

CBD and Pain

If you’re struggling with pain, it will impact your concentration. Constant underlying pain causes fatigue, making it challenging to engage with other tasks.

Full body relaxation happens when your mind and body are in balance, which hemp extract oils can support.

Compare CBD for Energy with Other Options for Improved Focus

CBD Doesn’t Make You Jittery

While anecdotal reports cite the energizing effects of CBD, there haven’t been reports of feeling jittery or shaky.

Health Impacts of Too Much Coffee

While people worldwide turn to coffee every morning to wake up, it can make you feel jittery and exacerbate feelings of anxiety which impacts your mental health.

Coffee may also interfere with your body’s ability to enjoy quality sleep.

Health Impacts of Energy Drinks

High caffeine drinks are also a popular option for improving cognitive functions, but their artificial additives and artificial flavors make them a less appealing alternative.

CBD as an Alternative

CBD, in comparison, contains only natural ingredients with numerous wellness benefits and none of the disadvantages associated with stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks.

The result of this is that you can support your body’s natural cycles and promote inner calm and productivity without feeling jittery or worried about the chemicals added to your favorite energy drink.

Choose the Right CBD Products

Understand What the Product Was Designed For

Keep in mind that there are some products out there (like Cannovia’s GOODNIGHT CBD and CBN oil) that are explicitly designed for bedtime and shouldn’t be consumed in the morning.

These products contain CBD, other key cannabinoids, and terpenes that create a soothing blend to support a good night’s rest.

So, while using some CBD for energy products can help bring a boost to your busy days, this isn’t the case for all of them!

Research the Important Ingredients

If you’re purchasing a product, always take the time to research the other components in the blend.

Understanding all the ingredients will give you the best insight into whether or not your oil will make you sleepy or help provide the energy you need.

Here at Cannovia, we have created our WAKE UP CBD and CBG product that you may use at any stage of the day, giving you the support you want when you need it most.

Enjoying Your Days with CBD Oils

The best thing about consuming CBD oil for energy is that you can do it in practically any way you want to.

Therefore, if you’re enjoying our products for an energy boost, you have a few options on how to do so.

Taken Sublingually

It is best to place the dose under your tongue and hold it there for about 30 seconds before swallowing for quick, potent results.

Doing this allows the cannabidiol to absorb under your tongue, working its way throughout the bloodstream quicker than through typical digestion.

Taken Orally

Digestion is also an acceptable way of enjoying your morning CBD energy oil!

With our hemp-derived oil, you can easily place your healthful serving right into your morning coffee, tea, or breakfast and consume your food or beverage as usual.

And you get the added benefit of a dose of WAKE UP.

Orally consuming the cannabidiol and cannabigerol in WAKE UP will take longer for results to kick in, though, as you must first digest it before it can help with energy.

CBD That Supports a Busy Lifestyle

Cannovia’s WAKE UP oil is an exciting addition to our hemp powered wellness range.

It’s an energizing blend of all-natural, non-intoxicating ingredients that support your lifestyle, incorporating both CBD and CBG.

And, wait, it gets better.

Because WAKE UP is THC-free, you know there’s no potential for psychoactive effects, nor the ‘sloth effect’ sometimes associated with full-spectrum products.

Our third-party lab results are available on our website, so you can check out everything we include (and what we ensure is left behind).

These test results demonstrate that what’s written on the bottle is exactly what’s in the bottle; Cannovia’s WAKE UP and GOODNIGHT CBD are the real deal.

And the cherry on the top?

The CBD oil in WAKE UP is free from THC and boasts peppermint flavors in the mouth, making it super pleasant to consume.

In a time where the industry is so saturated with inferior products and unsafe extraction methods, brands like Cannovia are quite literally a breath of fresh (energized) air.

Feeling Great With Cannovia

Waking up feeling energized and motivated has never been easier than with Cannovia.

We understand that having the energy to get through the long days isn’t always easy.

Luckily, that’s why we’re here to help you out.

Our all-natural products are designed to help and support you, so that you can feel on top of your game as you go about your day.

Even during the days where you struggle the most, our products are here to help your emotions feel so much more manageable.

Taking your WAKE UP CBD and CBG in the morning is a great choice.

You can also safely consume it in the middle of the day when you feel yourself slowing down, making WAKE UP CBD the ideal support for during the day.

This is especially true if you are struggling with sleep issues and need to avoid coffee, energy drinks and other stimulants.

Check out our high-quality selection of products and find the ones that stand out to you the most.

Then, you’ll be on your way to happier, healthier days. Start shopping for your perfect CBD product today!

Which CBD oil is best for energy?

If you want to start your morning with the best CBD, you need to try Cannovia’s WAKE UP Oil!

Each bottle contains 500mg of CBG and 500mg of CBD and will help you start your day right and ride the ebbs and flows of the day as it can be taken up to 3 times a day.

How much CBD should I use?

Cannovia recommends using CBD for Energy 1-3 times daily. You should hold each serving (1/2 dropper) under your tongue for 30 seconds.

While some prefer CBD capsules, CBD oil is a more versatile product that can be added to food or taken sublingually.

Does it give you energy?

WAKE UP CBD and CBG by Cannovia has been carefully crafted to offer an uplifting experience to support your overall health and wellness.

With a blend of cannabinoids, including CBD and CBG, this all-natural product offers support for your physical comfort, mental clarity, and calm, helping you optimize your energy levels every day.

And, because it’s THC-free, there’s no concern of any psychoactive effects, nor the ‘sloth effect’ that may affect some people when using full-spectrum products.

Should I take it in the morning or night?

Cannovia recommends consuming CBD Oil For Energy 1-3 times daily, but it all depends on you.

If you want to have more energy and mental clarity during the evening, feel free to take your serving then because it’s not just for mornings. It’s for whenever and wherever you want to feel ‘bright-eyed and bushy-tailed’.

Taken daily, our THC-FREE WAKE UP Oil provides the healthful qualities of pure hemp CBD and CBG in a convenient and easy-to-use ingestible that supports your sense of readiness.

Where to buy CBD Oil for Energy?

When it comes to the CBD market, the sheer volume of products can be overwhelming, with options including CBD oil, CBD topicals, capsules, and more.

But, before you buy, always look at the brand reputation and reviews before making a purchasing decision.

You can always buy CBD Oil for Energy in the Cannovia Online CBD Store. Check our website and choose the best products for you. What’s on the label is what’s in the bottle!

What is the difference between CBD for Energy and CBD for Sleep?

The primary difference between CBD for Energy and CBD for Sleep is our WAKE UP product, CBD for Energy is blended with CBD and CBG, while our GOODNIGHT is blended with CBD and CBN. You should use CBD for Sleep under the tongue at bedtime.

CBD for Energy you can use when you feel that you need to have more energy.

What is the difference between broad-spectrum CBD oil, full-spectrum CBD oil, and CBD isolate?

Both broad- and full-spectrum CBD is derived from hemp plants, but while full-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, broad-spectrum CBD oil is THC free.

CBD isolate, sometimes called pure CBD, is where, during manufacturing processes, all other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes are removed, so you are left with only CBD.

Hemp-derived CBD products are completely legal as long as the level of THC in the whole-plant CBD is below 0.3%.

Looking at CBD safety and side effects, you can’t overdose on CBD, and while some people experience side effects, they are usually mild and do not occur often.

What information should you look at?

Wellness professionals always recommend choosing CBD products derived from the hemp plant from reputable CBD companies for reliable results. Also, take into account the type of product that you’re using (such as full-spectrum, or pure CBD).

You should also check the third-party lab results for each CBD product to ensure that there are no heavy metals, insecticides, or fungicides so that they are safe for human consumption.


Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers are saying.

I love this product. I used 1 dose for menstrual cramps, which normally require me to take 1 dose of ibuprophen but I wanted to try CBD instead for the pain. This CDB worked and I did not experience any side effects whatsoever. I felt wonderful during my work day and I recommend this to everyone!

I have been using this CBD since October 2019! I put a dropper under my tongue as I’m going to bed. I sleep “like a log”. Would not want to be without Peppermint Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

I am such a fan of this brand it has alleviated anxiety so well definitely sticking with it

I have suffered with frozen shoulder and this product helps with reducing discomfort, particularly while sleeping.

Helps with arthritis pain.

I was very hopeful this product would help me sleep, but I found it to be no more effective with that than regular CBD, which isn’t very effective for that use.

This is what really works on my headaches. I enjoy the slight lemon flavor as well. Works better than any over the counter pain relievers. Highly recommend this product.

This product has helped me attain a much better and long lasting sleep. I use it every night and on those rare occasions where I forget, I notice a difference. I will definitely repurchase. Highly recommend.

This is perfect for my migraines and I also have my mom hooked on it for her pain. Smells great too! Thank you!

There has never been a better product that I have tried in my 65 years than Cannovia Goodnight CBN. I have had insomnia my entire life and I now sleep through the night and go to sleep fast with this product. Try it honestly it works. I recommend it to everyone.

This was my first experience with full spectrum. I used it for anxiety and it helped immensely. Recently I got a bad burn on my arm from boiling water. It was incredibly painful as it covered most of my arm and forearm. After 2 hours of agony I reached for my cbd and within 10 minutes I had incredible relief from the pain. I am so thankful I tried this for pain!! I’d also like to say, this company is amazing. Trevor goes above and beyond. When I first ordered cbd back in 2020 it was when I had covid and was in the hospital. I wanted to get cbd immediately to help with the inflammation in my body. I emailed Trevor and told him the situation. He shipped the cbd priority mail to me without charging me for it. It got here within 2 days. I really appreciated his care. He has a customer for life!

When I take this before bed at night, I get more restorative sleep. In fact, sometimes I sleep through the night completely. I may also take mid day when I have a stressful work day and it calms me down and helps me focus. Great stuff. I highly recommend.


It does help me sleep at night

This product helps me sleep a full night without waking up. This is my go to drops when I know I need a good nights sleep!

I’ve been using this product for over 6 months now and have absolutely seen a difference in my sleep quality!

I love this product! I’ve been using it for over 6 months now and can tell a difference in my sleep each night when I use it vs when I don’t. Everyone needs to try!

I have taken this every night for 3 months now. After I ran out of the first bottle I noticed I did not sleep as well without it so I ordered a second bottle and now I make sure I never run out. I am o my 4th bottle. I use 2 dropper fulls half hour before I go to sleep. I think this works and I get great sleep now.

I love the clean ingredients! Take it before bed and it helps me relax and fall asleep quickly!

Do not waste you money on all the TV ads about fake products that will help allivate pain, Cannovia AHHH! REALLY WORKS. I have been using it now for 4 months it is is fantastic as my hips are bone on bone and I need hip replacement however with losing weight and using this product is giving me completely pain free. It really works.

This gel helps with the arthritis pain in my hand. I just take a tiny bit and rub it on the part of my hand that hurts. I also use it on my shoulder when it hurts. The jar seems to last forever! It doesn’t required much gel to ease my pain.

The full spectrum CBD really helps me with my anxiety. I’m a retired firefighter and I have moderate PTSD and I really like the way this makes me feel

I truly enjoy this product over other CBD oil I have tried… I feel like I fall asleep quickly and get a deep sleep, something that doesn’t happen as often or easily without it.

I feel like the Goodnight oil has been helping me to sleep longer stretches without waking up and I don’t feel groggy in the morning.

This product is helping my anxiety, and also the pain I deal with on a daily basis. I would recommend it for anybody dealing with chronic pain.

Great stuff! Strong flavor but it works

Great product and Goodnight really helps me get a great night sleep. It really works and all that stuff on TV did not work at all for me. Try it.

AHHHH! is the best pain relieve I have experienced. This product is terric as it has helped me with my hips which are bone on bone, my back and my neck. It really works and is better than any pain killer, aspirin, etc. I have tried. I highly recommend AHHH!

I have enjoyed both the CBG Wake Up drops and CBD Oil drops. They are effective and I take them regularly. I am so glad I found Cannovia!

I have now been using this product for 3 years. I have never slept better or more soundly. It steadies my thoughts in order to fall asleep and I am able to stay asleep for 7 hours straight.

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