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Did you know that your dog needs more than half a day's sleep to stay healthy? Depending on the dog's age and underlying issues, some dogs get restless and cannot sleep properly. Sometimes it is a temporary thing that happens due to a change in location or routine. But if the sleeplessness continues for a more extended Many of the issues that cause restlessness in dogs are helped with CBD oil. CBD oil has many uses, including some that can help your dog or puppy sleep better.

5 Ways CBD Oil May Help Your Dog Sleep Better

Did you know that your dog needs more than half a day’s sleep to stay healthy? Depending on the dog’s age and underlying issues, some dogs get restless and cannot sleep properly. Sometimes it is a temporary thing that happens due to a change in location or routine. But if the sleeplessness continues for a more extended period, it can sign an underlying issue. Fortunately, CBD oil, a plant-based supplement, can be beneficial in supporting your canine friend’s sleep. Let’s first understand more about CBD.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the cannabis plant components, which possess medicinal and therapeutic benefits. It is beneficial in treating many health conditions in both humans and dogs without causing any “high”. According to a 2013 experiment conducted on animals, injecting a CBD dosage of approximately 35 mg per kilogram can significantly increase the sleep hours. Since science has indicated CBD’s benefits for dogs with sleep issues, Let’s look further into it.

How CBD oil Boosts Your Dog’s Sleep?

Here are the five ways CBD oil can help dogs sleep better at night.

1. Reduce joint pain

Aging has the same effect on dogs as on humans. Dogs also face joint-related problems like osteoarthritis, which makes them limp or yelp due to the pain. They slow down gradually for their daily activities like sitting, standing, climbing stairs or jumping due to chronic pain. The joint problems in a dog occur due to degenerative or developmental issues.Joint pain can cause trouble for your canine friend to sleep peacefully. Which is why dog owners can use CBD oil.

CBD oil is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps fight inflammation caused due to arthritis and joint problems. Over the years, CBD oil has become an effective and popular method of alleviating pain. A reduction in joint pain can help dogs sleep better at night.

2. Alleviate Anxiety

Loud and scary noises like thunderstorms and fireworks can trigger anxiety in dogs. They show fear in different ways like whining, lip licking, yawning, or drooling. Their anxieties can make it difficult for them to sleep. CBD oil can be a potent remedy to decrease their anxiety.

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You can administer CBD to calm your pets , which works by inducing a soothing sensation in their nerves and lessen nervous behavior. CBD binds with the endocannabinoid receptors in their body to regulate physiological processes like feeling, hunger, and sleep. It can help your dog be less stressful and more friendly. Dog owners can also use CBD oil in combination with other medications or therapies to help them sleep better.

3. Reduce Allergies

Allergic reactions are not just a problem among humans, but even dogs can get allergies. Dog allergies are triggered either due to environmental factors or food allergies. These allergic reactions cause severe discomfort, itching, and swelling, making it difficult for your furry companion to sleep.

CBD oil can help reduce discomfort in your pets. It can strengthen their immune system and ease their pain. According to a 2012 Journal , CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory property can help reduce the skin itchiness, soreness, and swelling of the skin.It will help the dog sleep peacefully at night without any discomfort.

4. Helps With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Tummy troubles are inflammations of the stomach that most pets suffer from, making it difficult to sleep at night. Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) can appear due to various factors like food poisoning, low immunity, and parasites. In some cases, IBD can also be genetic. The most frequent signs of IBD in canines are puking, losing weight, bloody poop, stomach pain, and fatigue.

An effective way of controlling IBD in dogs is by giving them CBD oil. CBD has anti-inflammatory characteristics that help restore homeostasis. It works by decreasing stomach inflammation and supports healthy weight gain. As per a 2018 study, CBD oil can also efficiently inhibit nausea. It interacts with the ECS and stimulates the desire to eat food. CBD can relieve pain caused due to IBD and help dogs rest peacefully. Apart from CBD oil, dog owners must start giving them mild food and gradually introducing regular food.

5. Manage Seizures

Seizures in dogs vary from a twitch to uncontrollable shaking. In some dogs, seizure gets over quickly, while others might take several minutes. Seizures appear in dogs due to several reasons like dehydration, immunization shots, or head injury. If your dog experiences an episode of seizure regularly, then epilepsy might be the underlying cause. Epilepsy is the explosion of unlimited electricity in the dog’s brain. Dogs with seizure problems often find it difficult to sleep continuously due to brain activity transition from waking up to sleeping.

CBD oil can be a way to manage epilepsy and seizures naturally. Research reveals that almost 89 percent of dogs who received CBD treatment showed a notable reduction in seizures. Additionally, a PubMed article says that CBD can act as a potent anticonvulsant, helping reduce the epileptic seizures in rodents. Thus, administering CBD oil can reduce the frequency of seizures in dogs, giving them a serene sleep.

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So these are the various ways CBD oil can help your dogs sleep better. Apart from the health mentioned above benefits, CBD oil supports overall well-being also. Since it is a plant-based supplement, there are no side-effects, which means it can be safely given to your pets. However, make sure to understand the right dosage depending on the CBD consistency in the product. Lastly, always buy a high-quality CBD product for yourself and your pet.

How CBD Oil May Help Your Dog or Puppy Sleep Better

The only thing worse than feeling a wet nose sniffing your face at 2AM is knowing that your restless dog can’t stay asleep. Depending on his age, a healthy dog needs between 12 and 20 hours sleep! If he’s not resting enough, it’s likely a sign of a different problem.

Helping your adult dog or puppy sleep better will benefit you both. Before you can find a solution, you’ll need to know the problem. A trip to your vet can help you figure out what has turned your dog into a night owl.

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Promising Clinical Studies on CBD And Your Dog’s Sleep

In a 2019 published study on the effects of CBD on sleep and anxiety, researchers found that sleep scores improved in 67% of recipients. Another animal study performed in 2013 found that CBD significantly increased the total sleep time for subjects given 10-40mg/kg of CBD.

In addition to improving sleep directly, many of the underlying issues that can cause restlessness in your dog can be treated with CBD oil. Researchers have found CBD oil to have a multitude of uses, including some that can help your dog sleep better.

Arthritis: CBD Can Improve Sleep by Minimizing Symptoms of Joint Pain

Many dogs, especially senior and obese dogs, suffer from arthritis. This can make it uncomfortable for them to stand or run, even sit down or walk. Laying down in his bed may cause him discomfort from the weight of his body pressing on his legs, making it difficult for him to sleep through the night. You may also notice your dog moving slower in general, and see him taking more care when laying down, stepping over things, or walking on slicker surfaces. A new bed may help your dog sleep better, but the pain will follow him when he gets up.

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For years, veterinarians have prescribed anti-inflammatory medications to give dogs relief from their joint pain, but these often cause severe side effects when given. CBD oil continues to become more and more popular as an alternative. Not only is it side-effect free, it also appears to be more effective than NSAIDS.

Anxiety: CBD Can Improve Sleep by Alleviating Anxiety in Adult Dogs or Puppies

CBD oil is known to promote calmness in dogs. Some skeptics may attribute this to the source of CBD oil (hemp) but “calm” does not mean “high.” In fact, Cannanine CBD oil contains absolutely no THC – the chemical found in hemp that causes people to feel high. Still, many pet parents have found that it helps their dogs with anxiety – including anxiety due to an unfamiliar place, loud noises and thunderstorms, and separation anxiety.

Many of us know what it’s like to stay up staring at the ceiling for hours trying to fall asleep. Or being woken up from a deep sleep due to some sudden panic. Pets can also suffer from anxiety-induced wakefulness and CBD may be able to help your dog sleep better. A study done on rats at a Japanese university shows some promise in using CBD oil to stop sleep disruption. Though the study overall was inconclusive, the researchers found definite evidence that CBD oil can help stop waking up in the middle of the night due to anxiety.

Allergies/Itchiness: CBD Can calm an itchy, allergenic dog

Allergies can make dogs uncomfortable itchy and breathing difficult – which makes sleep nearly impossible. Your dog may make an effort, but if he’s struggling to breathe or being constantly woken up by a nagging itch, he’s not resting easy. CBD oil might see your dog sleep better.

Quality of sleep is just as important as the quanity. CBD can help your allergy-plagued dog sleep better. Scientific studies done on CBD oil show that it can offer relief for both dermatitis and asthma caused by allergies. So you can nix both the itching and wheezing at the same time.

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