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Dosing your dog CBD oil or cat CBD oil is extremely important to get the most effective results, especially if you are giving your pet CBD oil for cancer or seizures. Dosing your pet directly on the gum-line is key, allowing it to enter the bloodstream the fastest. How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs Cannanine™ Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil (250mg, 500mg, 1000mg) $69.99 – $129.99 $39.99 – $99.99 The most potent and cost effective method. Cannanine hemp oil is great CBD oil is more than just a buzz-term popping up in every conversation and news article related to health and wellness–it’s also a beneficial supplement for your canine companion. If you’re using CBD oil in your own healthcare routine, it’s worth considering it as an option for your dog. Dogs can benefit from CBD o

How Do You Dose Your Pet’s CBD?

Dosing pet CBD oil directly on the gum-line of your pet is important for overall effectiveness. Just like humans, pets have receptors in their mouth, which are even more sensitive than ours. When humans dose CBD, the best method is to drop the oil under our tongue and hold for 30 seconds for maximum absorption. Unfortunately, this process will not work on your pet.

As I demonstrate in the video dosing directly into their gum-line or even rubbing the inside of their cheek with it, creates for a high absorption rate. If this is not possible for you to do, we recommend having them lick it off a plate, spoon, etc. and waiting 30 min. before or after to feed.

Allowing some the cannabinoids to bypass the digestive system and liver also increases the percentage of compounds absorbed by your pet. Ultimately some of the CBD is always going to end up in the digestive tract because they swallow whatever is not absorbed through the membranes in their mouth.

To read more about the sublingual method and your pet’s receptors, check out our previous blog.

How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs

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Top 5 Ways To Administer CBD Oil To A Dog

Have you been thinking about trying CBD oil for your dog, but you aren’t sure how to give it to him? Since it’s an oil instead of a tablet, chewable, or pill, it’s not like you can just wrap it in cheese and let your dog chow down. Luckily, giving your dog CBD oil is easier than you might expect. Here are the top 6 ways to administer CBD oil to a dog.

#1 – Apply it directly to the inside of your dog’s mouth

Most CBD oil is dosed based on the number of drops or droppers full of oil you need to give your dog based on his size and the intended purpose. If your dog tolerates it, the simplest way to administer CBD oil to a dog is to draw up the appropriate amount of oil into the dropper (no need to shake the bottle first), insert the dropper in your dog’s mouth, as close to the back of their mouth as possible without gagging them, and then squeeze the dropper. Giving them their favorite treat immediately afterword ensures that they swallow it all – and don’t start to dread the sight of the bottle so much that they run away when you grab it.

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#2 – Put it on a treat

This works best with porous treats that can help absorb the oil (otherwise it will just slide off the treat before your dog can eat it). Just apply the correct amount of oil to the treat and give it a little time to soak in before giving it to your dog. This method works best for small dogs who only need a small dose. As you can imagine, trying to put an entire dropper full of oil on top of a treat can be messy and tricky, so it may not work as well for dogs who need larger doses.

#3 – Mix it with something tasty

Since it can be difficult to add enough CBD oil to the top of a treat, it may be easier to mix it with something tasty like peanut butter (as long as it doesn’t contain xylitol, a sweetener that’s toxic for dogs). Just thoroughly mix the appropriate dose of CBD with the tasty substance and offer it to your dog exactly as you normally would, whether that’s from a spoon or inside a treat to keep them busy.

#4 – Mix it with their food

This method works best with wet food, and you may need to start with a small dose and gradually increase it so your dog has time to get used to the taste. Just add the oil directly to their food, mix it in, and let it soak for a few minutes before feeding your dog as usual.

#5 – Make your own dog treats

Making your own dog treats can be rewarding, but adding CBD oil can be tricky. For starters, baking the treats can cause the CBD oil to evaporate, along with all of its benefits. Making no-bake treats or baking treats at a lower temperature for a longer length of time can work. One trick about using CBD oil is that it works best if you replace all or part of another oil in the recipe. You’ve heard that oil and water don’t mix? That can make for a messy recipe where the CBD oil isn’t thoroughly distributed, meaning each treat may have different amounts of CBD oil.

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How To Give CBD Oil To Dogs

CBD oil is more than just a buzz-term popping up in every conversation and news article related to health and wellness–it’s also a beneficial supplement for your canine companion. If you’re using CBD oil in your own healthcare routine, it’s worth considering it as an option for your dog.

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Dogs can benefit from CBD oil much in the same way humans can. Dogs, as well as humans, possess an internal system, called the endocannabinoid system, that governs biological processes like sleeping, eating, pain, anxiety, and mood. CBD oil works by interacting with receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

What Type of CBD Do I Give My Dog?

As the market becomes increasingly flooded with pet-oriented CBD oil products, it can be tough to separate high-quality products from products that are mass-manufactured and contain ingredients that aren’t great for your pet. Some CBD oil products contain “fillers” or use solvents that aren’t beneficial for your dog. At VETCBD Hemp , we don’t add any ingredient to our tinctures unless they can provide a quantifiable benefit to your dog.

When crafting a CBD oil for your pet, there are essentially three types of oils a company will offer: isolate CBD oil, broad spectrum CBD oil, or full spectrum CBD oil. Isolate CBD oil refers to CBD oil that has been extracted from the cannabis-sativa plant with no other cannabinoids or plant parts. Sometimes companies will market this oil as “pure CBD” oil, which can lead a pet owner to believe this oil is superior to full spectrum oil, which is not the case.

Full spectrum oil refers to CBD oil that has been extracted from the cannabis sativa plant along with other usable plant parts and cannabinoids, including a trace amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, or “THC.” THC is the compound in marijuana that delivers a feeling of euphoria to the user, but don’t panic–properly formulated full spectrum CBD oil doesn’t get your dog “high!”

Full spectrum CBD oil contains only a trace amount of THC, but that trace amount is necessary for the product to produce the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect refers to all parts of the cannabis sativa plant working together synergistically to give your pet the maximum benefit the plant has to offer. Only a full spectrum CBD oil can deliver this effect, which is why full spectrum CBD oil is the best option for administering CBD to your dog if you’re looking for the maximum benefits.

It’s also important to ensure the CBD oil you purchase comes from a company that sources it responsibly. This means they not only know where their product comes from, they know that the production of the plants used for CBD oil extraction do not have a negative impact on the environment and don’t put workers at risk.

When you know better, you can choose better, and choosing better means only purchasing CBD oil from companies that are willing to go the length to responsibly source their hemp. VETCBD only uses American grown, responsibly sourced hemp in the production of our CBD tinctures.

CBD oil, produced and manufactured safely and correctly, is a great product that can produce wonderful benefits for your dog. Here are just a few!

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4 Reasons to Give a Dog CBD Oil

  1. Provides joint support . CBD oil offers soothing properties, making it an option to help alleviate discomfort. CBD oil has been especially effective at providing temporary relief from joint discomfort and helping to support mobility in older dogs.
  2. Promotes calmness. A dog dealing with restlessness can be hard on both the dog and you as a pet parent. If your dog gets particularly upset when you’re apart, leaving your home for work or even a short trip to the store, this can sometimes result in destruction of furniture, excessive panting and salivating, barking, and other harmful environmental stress-related behavior.
  3. Supports normal GI health . CBD can offer temporary relief to gastrointestinal issues or nausea related to something your dog ate or other reasons.
  4. Supports normal brain function. Because your dog’s brain function is in part managed by the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil can help support the brain as it interacts with the system’s receptors.

How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs

  1. Find the right CBD. Your pet’s CBD oil should be responsibly sourced, full-spectrum, and third party lab tested. VETCBD’s CBD oil tinctures meet all these qualifications, and are also tested to ensure purity; our full spectrum CBD oil tinctures are triple-tested for harmful, unwanted chemicals and pesticides.
  2. Weigh your dog and determine dosage . Every dog is different, and as such, every dog will react differently to CBD oil treatment. It’s important to know how much CBD oil to give to your dog , and this is really done by simply trying a small dose and adjusting it as needed.
  1. Administer CBD and monitor your dog . Your dog may need more or less CBD oil depending on their particular body chemistry and overall health. It’s always best to start off with half the recommended dose to see how well your dog tolerates CBD, and also to see if a higher dosage is needed.
  1. Adjust as necessary. If you’ve given your dog a dose of CBD oil and you do not feel the dose was effective, you can increase the dose and try again. An increased dose should be given in small increments. You can safely administer more CBD oil to your dog 12 hours after the initial dose if they still seem unaffected by the original dose.

CBD oil is a great resource for dog parents who wish to care for their animals in a more natural, holistic manner. CBD oil is easy to administer, generally well tolerated, and beneficial to your dog in multiple ways. VETCBD is a trusted provider of high-quality, full spectrum CBD oil tinctures and a resource for CBD related information, so explore VETCBD today and discover all the ways CBD can help your dog thrive.

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